The ultimate way to track and control your purchases, payments and expenses using our App, Card & Cloud.   
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  • Hearing the Homeless
    Uses Penny to distribute donations to is volunteer aid workers and homeless beneficiaries, control how those funds are spent and collect data to ensure that 100% of donations are being used for their intended purpose. Learn More →
  • JuryX
    "The Penny Card gives my company the flexibility needed to scale-up as needed. The Penny Card is a huge asset for a startup that doesn’t want to be stretched too thin with debt." - Tiffany Devereux of Jury-X
  • ServPro
    Uses Penny to eliminate costly delays in procuring materials for its technicians, problems with petty cash and expense reports. Their entire operations is streamlined saving them time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Learn More →
  • Remax Realtor
    Uses Penny Inc to distribute funds, track spending and export expense data to Quickbooks. Penny Central and the Penny App make it easy and saves time! Learn More →

    Penny Central

    Get full control of all your purchases, payments and expenses in one place. See what your employees are purchasing and who they are buying from in real time. Tracks everything from your bank account to your accounting software automatically so you don't have to. Learn More →

    Accessible Anywhere.
    Easy to use.
    Safe & secure.

    Penny Debit MasterCard

    Make purchases, payments or cover expenses globally. Control spending with rules you set in Penny Central. Turn off and on, re-assign or cancel in real time with a couple of clicks. Learn More →

    Physical and virtual cards.

    Instant tracking and control.

    Accepted globally.


    Penny App

    Lets your people request funds, check their balance and review transactions anytime. Eliminates paper receipts and allows each transaction to be coded and documented to your standards.
    Learn More →

    Pairs receipts with transactions.

    Touch ID enabled.

    Available on Android & iOS.

    Itunes App Store Itunes App Store


    Real time tracking & control of all your purchases, payments and expenses live linked to your QuickBooks - Online and Desktop.
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    Easy seamless integration.

    Syncs receipt images to QuickBooks.

    Real Time.


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    The Penny Inc web application, cardholder mobile app, and MasterCard debit cards are all free. Foreign currency transactions attract a third party fee of 3%. Some other third party fees may apply.