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Looking to simplify, save time and take control of your business expenses?

Penny Inc is the ultimate solution, a smart expense management app integrated with a prepaid debit Penny MasterCard or virtual card.

Track your expenses in real-time as Penny card transactions automatically download into your online accounts ledger.

Eliminate the need for petty cash and manual reimbursement claims.

Remove the commingling of personal and business spending forever.

The best part? It’s completely free - no sign up, monthly or transaction fees.

How it works

Simplify. Save time. Gain control.
Penny provides full visibility into employee spend and the ability to enforce policy and compliance.

Fast and easy set-up

Online registration takes less than ten minutes, and Penny MasterCard Debit cards are delivered within seven days.

Control your business expenses

Track transactions in real-time to oversee where and how each Penny card is used. Restrict merchants and/or set daily spending limits on employee cards.

Request funds on the go

Paired with a mobile application, employees can request funds, make payments, and check their fund balances. You can approve fund requests from anywhere, anytime, to instantly transfer funds to Penny cards.

Expense tracking reminders

Penny Inc’s mobile app prompts the purchaser to photograph the receipt at the time of purchase and attaches it to the transaction, instantly stored for the company administrator to access.

Alignment with accounting software

Transactional data made on Penny cards can be exported to various accounting programs, or seamlessly integrated to Quickbooks via a real-time sync.

No maintenance or usage fees

The Penny Inc desktop application, cardholder app and prepaid debit MasterCards and virtual cards are all free.

Why people love us

"The effect Penny Inc has had on our business is amazing. We no longer need to give out our own credit cards to our staff. They have made our payments so much easier to manage.”

"Penny Inc has helped our business by enabling us to to ensure our drivers always have access to the funds they need to get the job done.”

"It is so convenient being able to issue Penny cards to my staff. Having this system has has made my life a lot easier.”

"Not only is Penny Inc the best expense management system on the market, they also genuinely care about our success. Penny Inc enables us to get donations to the people who need it. With their support we will be able to change many lives.”

“The Penny Card gives my company the flexibility needed to scale-up as needed. The Penny Card is a huge asset for a startup that doesn’t want to be stretched too thin with debt."

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Penny Inc went to market as just that, an expense management solution to help SMB’s manage their business and travel expenses.

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