Reducing the Human Cost of Business Expenses

Many businesses are unaware of the amount of time they spend manually processing expenses.

Collating paper receipts, manually entering purchase data into spreadsheets, uploading into accounting software, and chasing down lost receipts all detract from employees’ core tasks and consequently reduce overall productivity.

Automating these functions can significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency and save time.

Penny Inc recently helped one of our clients (a remediation company that repairs damaged homes) analyze the time required by their administrative staff and employees for purchasing products and services, submitting receipts, and completing expense reimbursement. The data showed that the hours-per-week spent on expense management reduced by 77%, simply by implementing the Penny Inc expense management solution:

Penny Inc

A significant decrease of time and effort achieved by a company such as this, can result in an increase of net earnings between 3-5%.

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