The ultimate way to track and control charitable spending with built in integrity and end to end transparency.




Our pledge.

Penny Inc is committed to using our payment platform to help people live better lives and help communities flourish. Our payment platform allows organizations to seamlessly link charitably contributed funds with their intended beneficiaries in a completely transparent way.

Whether you are supporting aid workers, the less fortunate, victims of disaster or victims of exploitation Penny Inc can help you make it easy to monitor and report on payments to the penny for each and every transaction.

We can help you reduce your administrative costs, build confidence in your contributors and ensure that funds under your control are going to the people that need them and are being used for their intended purposes.


With Penny you can forget about managing petty cash, expense reports and tracking down lost receipts. Penny takes care of everything automatically so your people can focus on helping their community.


Penny cards can be issued to anyone. Aid workers, volunteers, disaster victims and disadvantaged people can all benefit from our Debit MasterCard that is accepted world-wide. You are in control - spending limits, fund requests, funds recall, budgets, deactivation and card cancellation are all instantly at your fingertips.


Penny automates much of your bookkeeping prompting by your people to categorize and document every transaction then sending that information to your QuickBooks in real-time.



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The Penny Inc web application, cardholder mobile app, and MasterCard debit cards are all free. Foreign currency transactions attract a third party fee of 3%. Some other third party fees may apply.