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Makes it easy to get funds from your bank account to your people with full transparency and controls saving you time and money.



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Manage Everything

Get full control of all your purchases, payments and expenses in one place. Know what your people are purchasing in real time. Tracks transaction details from your bank account to your account software automatically.

Accessible anywhere.

Easy to use.

Safe & secure.


Full Card Control

Manage your employee's cards remotely, control where your emplyoees cards acan be used, set spending limits, load funds real time and enable / disable cards.

Order physical cards and virtual cards.

Set spending limits.

Set authorized merchants.

Enable and disable cards instantly.


Managing $ Made Easy

Manage and view employee's transactions and receipts made on Penny Cards. Load funds onto cards, view and approve funding requests all from one easy to use dashboard.

View all transactions with receipts at a glance.

View and approve funding requests.

Load funds onto cards remotely.


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The Penny Inc web application, cardholder mobile app, and MasterCard debit cards are all free. Foreign currency transactions attract a third party fee of 3%. Some other third party fees may apply.