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Gain insight into all aspects of your expense program in the one place. You can see the balance and add more funds when required, approve fund requests from employees, view your spending trends and order cards all from the one screen.



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Manage Everything

Monitor, control and gain insights into your business expenses on the go with our mobile friendly application. Manage fund allocations, card settings, and view transactions from employee purchases in real-time.

Accessible anywhere.

Easy to use.

Safe & secure.

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Card Control

Manage all aspects of the Penny Inc prepaid debit cards including fund allocation, budget limits or restrictions on where the card can be used. The cards can be easily activated or suspended a the click of a button for additional security.

Order physical cards and virtual cards.

Set spending limits.

Set authorized merchants.

Enable and disable cards instantly.


Transparency Made Easy

View your employee purchases in real-time. The employee is prompted to attach a receipt at the time of purchase, so you can review the transaction instantly. Departments, cost center codes and notes can be added and reported on. The transactions can be exported to your accounting software, and syncs to your Quickbooks account in real-time.

View all transactions with receipts at a glance.

View and approve funding requests.

Load funds onto cards remotely.

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The Penny Inc web application, cardholder mobile app, and MasterCard debit cards are all free. Foreign currency transactions attract a third party fee of 3%. Some other third party fees may apply.