Hearing the Homeless Teams with Penny Inc

Hearing the Homeless, founded by Kevin Price of Austin, Texas, is foundation focused on providing food, water and shelter to the homeless.

Penny Inc will provide our CAC (Cloud-App-Card) payment solution to Hearing the Homeless, who will then provide Penny Inc pre-paid MasterCards to community activists and homeless persons. With the Penny Inc solution, Hearing the Homeless will be able to dynamically assign, control and track the distribution and use of donated funds.

Hearing the Homeless is building a individual profiles of homeless people online, telling their stories, letting their voices be heard. People that want to help can sponsor individuals or locations and know that their contributions are making a difference. Penny Inc’s Free CAC payment platform enables Hearing the Homeless to pass on 100% of contributed funds to its beneficiaries and achieve 100% transparency on how those funds are used.

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Additional Information on Hearing the Homeless:

Hearing the Homeless Mission: to encourage connection between the divided populations with the hopes of restoring a sense of purpose and belonging to the hearts and minds of homeless.
Hearing the Homeless, first seeks to create an interconnected community of support where individuals come together to make the biggest possible difference in the lives of each individual; maximizing impact through consolidating and targeting resources.
Secondly, Hearing the Homeless strives to enact true, sustainable, person centered change by working to fulfill the true needs of each individual beyond food and water to security, love, and esteem. Hearing the Homeless is dedicated to furthering the discussion of homelessness towards an innovative solution that attacks the heart of the issue instead of simply putting a bandaid over it.

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