Chief Executive Officer

Steve began his career as a corporate lawyer before transitioning into business consulting then becoming a serial entrepreneur. His focus in both corporate and startup environments has been applying new technologies to solve problems and create value. Today he uses his critical thinking skills to identify new opportunities and help multidisciplinary team achieve their goals.



Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Keith is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of senior level Strategic Business Development experience within a variety of technology industries, SMB’s and the Corporate world. Keith is known for defining and delivering predictable go to market strategies and developing strategic partnerships with companies like Intel, Oracle, VISA, and Sprint.



Chief Technology Officer

An expert in payments technology, Tony's comprehensive knowledge base is reflective of his extensive career in the payment services and technology. Founder of Australia's largest prepaid card processor and first non-bank card issuer, Emerchants, Tony has an impressive track record of success. He has now unleashed his payments knowledge and experience using the latest cloud and mobile based technologies in co-founding Penny Inc.



Chief Security Officer

A tech wiz, Craig has 15 years experience as a specialist security analyst and infrastructure manager in a diverse range of technology and industry. A true architect with technology, Craig was a key player on Tony's Emerchant's team and has also channeled his insight and creativity into the Penny Inc platform. Whether we are navigating issues of cloud computing, scalability or block chain technology we look to Craig to keep us on the right course.



Head of Customer Experience

Lauren came to Penny after an extensive career in corporate product management with a global service provider. She understands how to keep the needs of our customer's at the center of our thinking and guides the evolution of Penny's user interfaces, customer support protocols and customer communications. Lauren is a great communicator who the whole team relies on to coordinate our diverse team.



Board Member (Chairman and Acting CFO)

John is the founder Globetrotter Corporate Travel which today has revenue of over $80 Million per year and the co-founder of CT Partners Group. He joined Tony at Emerchants as an investor and director, successfully taking the company public in 2011. John’s philosophy “profit with purpose” will continue to drive Penny’s values and success. John serves Penny as a mentor and coach to the entire Penny team, drawing from his extensive experience and deep business acumen.



Board Member (Legal)

Greg has over 30 years legal experience across a broad range of commercial and corporate matters, including the payments industry. His role on the Board is to guide Penny through legal challenges that range from international contracts to protecting Penny's intellectual property.




Advisor (Strategy)

After an extensive and successful career with global accountancy firms, John realized his underlying passion was for people and purpose. Values driven, John is passionate about leading business transformation with social consciousness. In conjunction with his work for Penny, John runs his own management consulting firm that is focused on global innovation and entrepreneurial development.



Advisor (Strategy)

Ulrik Jensen has an extensive background in banking, finance and investing. He is currently the director of APS,, Reel Invest APS. He has also held various senior leadership positions at Hamton Asset Management, SANWA International Co. Ltd, HSBC Global Banking and Markets and Standard Chartered Bank.



Our Story

Penny Inc was co-founded by Tony Ferguson, a seasoned card payments expert, and John Battley, the owner of one of Australia’s largest independent travel management companies. Tony & John began working together building Emerchants into the very successful company it is today and reunited to take their shared vision forward using the latest technology available.

Tony & John identified a distinct lack of cost-effective expense management solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Penny Inc was created to fill that void, and to satisfy the neglected Small to Medium Business (SMB) segment with a simple to use, effective, and free cloud-based application. Today, Penny Inc has a fast growing customer base of SMB’s and non-profit organizations in the United States.

Penny Inc gives owners and managers unprecedented control over business expenses, payments and purchases. The Penny debit MasterCard, Penny mobile Application and cloud-based Penny Central work seamlessly together to eliminate things like petty cash, manual reimbursement claims, occurrences of fraud and the co-mingling of personal and business expenditures.

Tony & John's vision for Penny Inc is truly becoming a reality. Soon Penny Inc will be expanding geographically to help business and organizations in Australasia and beyond as it evolves into a world-wide solution for expenses, payments and purchasing.